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Help Your Dog Beat the Heat This Summer

For many of us, the heat of summer brings one of the most fun times of the year.  But for our furry friends, the heat can be very dangerous if we don’t take the right steps to protect them.

How can I keep my dogs from overheating?

  • Make sure your dogs have a constant supply of cold, clean water.  The heat will cause dogs to tire more easily with any physical exercise, and they are likely to be thirstier than normal.  Throw some ice cubes in their bowl to keep the water extra cold and make sure the bowl is located in a shady spot.
  • Let them run in the sprinklers.  Playing in water is a great way to cool your dog off quickly.  If you have a pool of your own, many dogs may love to take a swim after a careful introduction.  Otherwise, a bath with the hose will work just fine!
  • Give them a haircut, but not a buzz cut. Summer is a great time to give your dog’s hair a little trim, but shaving your dog robs him or her of important skin protection from the sun.  Brushing can also reduce excess hair and make it easier for your pup to cool off.
  • Take temperature-sensitive walks. During summer’s hottest days, it’s best to take your dog for a walk at sun-up or sun-down.  Not only is the outside temperature more manageable with a furry coat, but the asphalt can burn paw pads quickly when it’s heated by the mid-day sun.
  • Say NO to the car ride. Even well-ventilated cars can heat to dangerous levels when left to sit under the sun.  California Penal Code Section 597.7 prohibits owners from leaving animals in an unattended vehicle in conditions that could reasonably endanger their health.  Check out the ASPCA’s useful infographic  to better understand why doggie car rides should be a no-go in hot weather.

Protecting your pup is an important responsibility, right now and in the future.  A Pet Trust is a wonderful way to ensure your dogs would be properly cared for if you were no longer able to do it yourself.  Through a Pet Trust you can designate a caregiver for your pets and leave specific instructions for your pet's care, down to the brand of food to give them or how to keep them cool in the summer.  You can also provide financial resources for your pet's future care and ensure these funds are used according to your wishes by establishing an Animal Care Panel, to periodically check up on your pets' well-being. 

To start planning your Pet Trust as part of a comprehensive estate plan, download out Pet Trust Worksheet..

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