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Little Ones at Home? Look Into A Guardians+ Plan for Minor Children

If you are a parent, your instinct to protect your children was probably born the same day as your first child.  Parenting entails a lot of sacrifices, sleepless nights, and endless worry – the kind of energy you wouldn't dedicate to anything else. 

So if you were told that few simple documents and a few hours of your time could protect and provide for your children in a family emergency, wouldn’t you jump at the chance?  Let me introduce you to the Kids’ Protection Plan.

What is a Guardians+ Plan for Minor Children?

A Guardians+ Planning for Minor Children is a set of legal documents and supporting information that, together with your comprehensive estate plan, provide the best available guarantee that your children will be cared for according to your wishes if you were no longer able to care for them.  It includes:

  • A Permanent Guardian Nomination.  This legal document allows you to name the people you would want to raise your children if you passed away while they were still minors.  Only you can best know who would raise your children according to your wishes, and by creating a Permanent Guardian Nomination, you take that decision out of the court’s hands.
  • A Temporary Guardian Nomination.During a family emergency, like if you were involved in an accident, your Caregiver (i.e. babysitter) would not be allowed to keep custody of your children long-term.  After a certain point, Child Protective Services will likely take your children until a named Permanent Guardian can be notified and travel to the scene.  However, if you name a Temporary Guardian, preferably someone who can arrive to your children within 20 minutes, that person can keep your children and comfort them until the Permanent Guardian takes over.  Being surrounded by familiar faces is vital at such a difficult time.
  • A Confidential Guardian Exclusion. If there is someone who you would want to be excluded from consideration as your child’s guardian, you can legally document your objections through a Confidential Exclusion of Guardian form.
  • Family Emergency Instructions for Caregivers and Guardians. These instructions are two important opportunities to instruct your Caregivers and Guardians about how you would want your children to be cared for in the initial difficult moments and as they grow.
  • Children’s Healthcare Profile. The Children’s Healthcare Profile is an important record of your children’s allergies, medical issues, preferred healthcare providers, insurance coverage, and any opinions you may have on methods of treatment.
  • Medical Power of Attorney for Minor Children.  This legal document temporarily grants your Caregiver the right to make necessary medical decisions for your child, including emergency treatment.
  • ID Card for Your Wallet. The ID card will alert first responders that you have minor children waiting for you and list the names and contact information of your chosen temporary guardians.

Do I need a Guardians+ Plan for Minor Children?

If you have minor children (under 18) and you ever leave them in the care of others, you need Guardians+ Planning for Minor Children.

How much does a Guardians+ Plan Cost?

The Guardians+ Plan for Minor Children is such an important shield of protection for your family that we have decided to make it a complimentary addition to every LifeLadder Estate Plan for clients with minor children.

Want to take the first step?  Download our Legal Guardian Nomination Guide below for some advice on how to choose temporary and permanent guardians.

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