California Estate Planning

Plan a Life of Prosperity

Right now, you are dedicated to planning a life of prosperity.  A crucial part of that plan is making informed, responsible decisions that reassure you in the present and protect you in the future.  The estate planning industry was designed to serve the elderly, looking back on their lives and preparing for their deaths.  LifeLadder helps you prepare for life.

Our holistic approach to estate planning considers not only how to pass on your financial assets but also how best to care for the people who rely on you.  We see your wealth in dollars and cents, but also in knowledge and experience. Your hard earned life lessons are often more valuable to your loved ones than your property, and both need to be expertly protected and preserved by a comprehensive estate plan.

When Should You Consider an Estate Plan?

When you buy your first home, that's a moment for estate planning.  When your new job starts paying into your 401k, that's a moment for estate planning.  A new pet? Your first child? Or your third?  A moment for estate planning.  And if your parents or grandparents haven't talked to you about their legacy, that's a moment for estate planning too.

Estate Planning for young families and professionals

What is Included in an Estate Plan?

Every LifeLadder Estate Plan is specifically designed to achieve your objectives, but typically includes the following: 

Revocable Living Trust

A revocable living trust is a legal entity that holds your most valuable property during your life and leaves detailed instructions for its managed distribution after your death. If your estate is in a revocable living trust, your family can avoid the delay, expense and publicity of the probate court process.

A Pour-Over Will

A pour-over will accompanies a revocable living trust. It is a safeguard that allows any property accidentally left out of the trust to be poured into the trust and distributed according to your wishes.

Financial Power of Attorney

A financial power of attorney gives a chosen individual (agent) the power to act on your behalf for financial decisions if you are incapacitated. Ideally you will nominate one agent and two back-up agents for this role.

Advanced Healthcare Directive

An advanced healthcare directive gives a chosen individual (agent) the power to act on your behalf for medical decisions if you are incapacitated. Ideally you will nominate one agent and two back-up agents for this role.

Guardians+ Planning for Minor Children

The Guardians+ Planning for Minor Children contains a set of instructions, legal documents and even an ID card for your wallet, that together with your LifeLadder Estate Plan, provide the best available guarantee that your children will be cared for according to your wishes.

Financial Asset Log

The Financial Asset Log is a comprehensive list your financial assets, complete with account numbers and contact information. It ensures that your family is aware of your complete financial panorama and prevents the loss of unclaimed property to the State.

Video Time Capsule

The Video Time Capsule is a method for preserving and communicating your values, experience, and wisdom. By answering a series of questions on video, you leave a little primer for life in the hands of your loved ones.

Complimentary 3-Year Review

Each LifeLadder Estate Plan includes a complimentary 3-year review to ensure that your plan continues to reflect your priorities.

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