Guardians+ Planning for Minor Children

What is Guardians+ Planning for Minor Children?

The Guardians+ Plan for Minor Children contains a set of instructions, legal documents and even an ID card for your wallet, that together with your LifeLadder Estate Plan, provide the best available guarantee that your children will be cared for according to your wishes. 

When Should You Consider a Guardians+ Plan?

Guardians+ Planning for Minor Children is such an important shield of protection for your family that we have decided to make it part of every LifeLadder Estate Plan for clients with minor children.


What is Included in Guardians+ Planning for Minor Children?

Every LifeLadder Estate Plan is specifically designed to achieve your objectives, but typically includes the following: 

Temporary and Permanent Guardian Nominations

This is your opportunity to legally name individuals to care for your minor children if you were no longer able to do so.  Temporary Guardians could take interim custody of your children in a family emergency so that Child Protective Services would not have to keep them while the permanent guardian arrives.

Confidential Exclusion of Guardians

If there is someone who you would want to be excluded from consideration as your child’s guardian, you can legally document your objections through a Confidential Exclusion of Guardian form.

Family Emergency Instructions for both Caregivers & Guardians

LifeLadder will prepares specific emergency instructions for caregivers (i.e. babysitters) and named guardians, so that your children’s support network in such a difficult moment is on the same page and carrying out your wishes.

Children’s Healthcare Profile

The Children’s Healthcare Profile is an important record of your children’s allergies, medical issues, preferred healthcare providers, insurance coverage, and any opinions you may have on methods of treatment.

Medical Power of Attorney for Minor Children

Whenever you leave your child overnight with a caregiver, you should consider granting them a temporary Medical Power of Attorney.  With this document, the caregiver could make necessary medical decisions for your child, including emergency treatment.

ID Card for Your Wallet

The ID card will alert first responders that you have minor children waiting for you and list the names and contact information of your chosen temporary guardians.

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