Legacy Preservation

Estate Planning Can Do More than Just Transfer your Financial Assets

You have valuable intangible gifts: your values, your hard-earned life lessons, your insights, and the stories of your life.  These pieces of you are priceless to your loved-ones and are too easily lost over time.

When Should You Consider Legacy Preservation?

Understanding how important our intangible legacy can be, we've decided to include a method for preserving and communicating your values, experience, and wisdom with every LifeLadder Estate Plan.

Legacy Preservation

What is Included in Legacy Preservation?

The keystone of Legacy Preservation is the Video Time Capsule.  These 30-minute interviews pose questions to draw out some of your most valuable advice and most important life lessons and preserve them via audio or video recordings.  Each interview has a theme and topics include “Lessons for the Kids”, “What Matters Most” and “Words of Wisdom”.

A Complimentary Addition to Any LifeLadder Estate Plan

You will have an opportunity to do your first Video Time Capsule at the Delivery Meeting.  You will receive the questions a week ahead of time so you can consider your answers and how you would like them to be recorded.  You can do additional Video Time Capsules on a yearly basis, free of charge.

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