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What is Legacy Preservation?

As parents, many of us go to great lengths to teach our children that money is not the most important thing in life. While we all want our children to be financially responsible, our priority is to transmit a good moral compass and the keys to a happy life. It therefore seems only natural then that the gifts we leave behind for our children should not be purely financial.

What is Legacy Preservation?

You have valuable intangible gifts: your values, your hard-earned life lessons, your insights, and the stories of your life.  These pieces of you are priceless to your loved-ones and are too easily lost over time. Legacy Preservation is the act of documenting these intangible gifts and creating of way of sharing them with your loved ones at a future time.

What is the difference between Legacy Preservation and Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is traditionally thought of as a plan to pass property and financial assets from an owner to a chosen beneficiary at the owner’s death. Unfortunately, many estate planning attorneys stop there, and don’t recognize that Legacy Preservation should be a fundamental part of every estate plan.

How can I preserve my legacy?

At LifeLadder Estate Planning, we know the value of your life experience to your family’s future happiness. You are a whole person, not just a series of numbers to be mechanically distributed.

The keystone of our Legacy Preservation is the Video Time Capsule  These 30-minute interviews pose questions to draw out some of your most valuable advice and most important life lessons and preserve them via audio or video recordings. 

One of my favorite questions in our first interview is "What is your most prized possession?"  The answer usually speaks volumes about your personal guiding principles, and is almost always a wonderful story worth sharing.

How much does Legacy Preservation cost?

Video Time Capsule's are a complimentary addition to any LifeLadder Estate Plan. We offer three flat-rate packages ranging from $2500 to $7500 based on the structure and complexity of the plan.

You will have an opportunity to do your first Video Time Capsule at our Delivery Meeting. You can do additional Video Time Capsule on a yearly basis, free of charge.

Want to get a glimpse of what a Video Time Capsule would be like? Download our Legacy Preservation Guide below.

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